Town Common in June

town common view
Looking over the Town Common from high on the Many Peaks track

Two weeks ago I took advantage of a free day to visit the Town Common for the first time since the very hot (but not very wet) Wet season and I’m now taking advantage of an unseasonably wet day to post some of the photos I took there.

I walked in from the Pallarenda car-park, around the wetland loop and then up the Many Peaks track for the wonderful views from the top. I continued half an hour further along the track, down from the hill-crest and through a large vine thicket, before returning the way I came. I heard lots of birds at the very beginning of the walk but they didn’t pose for me so the insects are the stars of my gallery. As usual, click on small images for larger versions in a lightbox, and scroll through the lightbox if you like.

Butterflies seen but not photographed include many of the milkweed butterflies (Plain Tiger, Marsh Tiger) which I see on every visit to the Common, mainly along lower sections of the track. I had half expected to see an over-wintering aggregation of Crows and Blue Tigers in the moister conditions of the vine thicket, as I had done at Bald Rock and Cape Hillsborough a few years ago, but only encountered a few stray individuals.

I have yet to walk the full length of the track. When I said as much to a park maintenance crew who were clearing the track they encouraged me to do it since it’s not too hard and good mobile coverage all the way (I asked) helps make it safer, but to wait another few weeks until they had finished the job because “the far end of the track is quite overgrown,” or words to that effect. Now all I need is a whole day clear of other commitments!

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