Willie Wagtail takes a bath

Wille wagtail
Wet Wille wagtail

When I compiled my big list of birds which visit my garden, a few months ago, I included Wille-wagtails (Rhipidura leucophrys) amongst the ‘occasional vistors’, noting that they were ‘more common along Ross River’. This one seems to be on a one-bird mission to prove me wrong, visiting us constantly over the last few days and making very good use of our bird-bath.

Observing the wildlife in our garden regularly for several years has shown me that there is a constant slow turnover of species, however much it is disguised by the greater seasonal changes. Bowerbirds used to visit regularly, but I haven’t seen one for months; Little Friarbirds have moved in; the Scrub Turkeys haven’t even been visiting next door as much as they used to; and so on. Only time will tell whether Willie is a new permanent resident or merely a welcome vagrant.

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