Wallaman Falls revisited

Wallaman Falls
Wallaman Falls from their foot

I enjoyed Wallaman Falls so much last May that I returned last week. I introduced the Falls and the location quite fully last time and there’s no need to do it again, so this time I can focus on the walk down to the foot of the falls.

I didn’t tackle it last year but was more energetic this time and it was well worth the effort. The path from the Lookout runs for a few hundred metres along the edge of the escarpment then dives over the edge, zigzagging steeply through open woodland into rainforest and out onto the tumble of rocks at the bottom. Signs at the top warn that walkers need to be reasonably fit but it’s no tougher than (e.g.) the Castle Hill goat-tracks. Do take water, though, and expect the ascent to take an hour.

A mist-bow seen from the track

There are plenty of excuses to stop, if one wants to, because the constant spray encourages all sorts of growing things in the rainforest. There are lots of butterflies to watch, too, but the birds are more often heard than seen.

toadstools on walking track
A cluster of delicate toadstools on the lower section of the track

Signs beside the viewing platform at the bottom warn of the very real dangers of slippery jagged rocks and tell everyone not to venture further, but nearly everyone ignores them, clambering around for a better photo op. Some Darwin Award candidates even go for a swim; I guess most of them survive but they will need another swim anyway after getting back to the top.

The sheer 250-metre wall on the far side of the gorge

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