The Town Common after rain

Freshwater Lagoon from the bird hide

I visited the Town Common today, for the first time in months, to see what our recent rain had done for it. The good news is that there was plenty of water; the bad news, for bird-watchers, should also be apparent from my photo.

Where are the birds? Flown, in a word – dispersed to inland areas which have also received good rain. This happens in every Wet season, of course, and the birds drift back towards the coast and permanent water as the Dry season progresses, but visiting the Common and not seeing a single magpie goose, or even an ibis, still feels weird. That’s what happened, though – magpie geese, ibis, spoonbills, egrets, cormorants, pelicans: nil.

Smaller birds were still around, however. I saw a couple of Sacred Kingfishers, one Forest Kingfisher, a Dollarbird, several Sunbirds, one White-throated Honeyeater (I think) and a small flock of young Crimson Finches.

brown finch with red tail
Juvenile Crimson Finch

These young finches will grow up to be much more colourful, as these photos (on Birdway) show.

Seeing a sunbird improves any day, so I will post one of today’s shots before I sign off. Dragonflies do, too, but I will leave the Common’s abundant invertebrates for another post.

Sunbird on twig
Yellow-bellied Sunbird, male

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