Malay apple or Roseapple

pink fruit on plate
Malay apple, also known as Roseapple

Another visit to Cotters Market, another exotic fruit to try … this one is the Malay apple or Malay roseapple. It resembles an apple in that the skin is thin, shiny and edible, and the flesh is white and pleasantly crunchy. The flavour is sweet and gently aromatic – ‘rose-scented’ is a fair description. However, the fruit’s structure is not apple-like: it has a single large seed instead of a core. It’s not so big, either, more plum-size than apple-size.

According to Glenn Tankard’s Tropical Fruit, which I mentioned a while ago, the tree (Syzygium malaccense) is a native of Malaysia (so now we know where all the parts of its common names come from) and it is grown there as as ornamental as well as for its fruit.

According to Wikipedia, there are about 1200 species in the genus. Several of them produce fruits similar to the one shown here, and the names often cross over. Australian species include Lilly Pilly and Brush Cherries.

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