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When I set up Green Path I envisioned it as a voice for the environment in the Townsville and wider North Queensland region, providing a window on the natural world from outside the SE corner of the state – and relatively rare in doing so. There are other local voices, however, speaking about the environment and other things I value. Here is a list of those I know about; I would love to hear of any others so that I can add them.

  • Wildlife Queensland’s Townsville branch blog has been mentioned here many times because of the monthly walks which the group organises (I’m a freeloader on the walks and reciprocate with photos) but there’s more on the blog than just the reports on each walk.
  • Yvonne Cunningham posts a weekly News from Coquette Point from the coast near Innisfail, always full of wonderful wildlife photos, often featuring cassowaries.
  • A little further North, David Rentz’s BunyipCo blogspot is full of rainforest wildlife, with an emphasis on insects. His focus is no surprise when you learn that he is a retired entomologist (ex-CSIRO in Canberra) who has been in Kuranda since 2002.
  • My Dry Tropics Garden and Bush Bernie’s Blog both come from Bernie in Alligator Creek and both centre on gardening. I really don’t know why she maintains two blogs in parallel but the former has more words and the latter is almost exclusively dedicated to (lovely) seasonal flower photos.
  • Ian Montgomery of Birdway fame posts a Bird of the Week. It may not quite qualify as a blog but it is certainly relevant enough to include here.
  • A little further outside Green Path’s prime area of interest, but coming from one of our favourite local galleries, is the Umbrella Studio blog, keeping members and friends up to date with arts news.
  • Finally, Peter Hanley’s blog, True North is, as you would expect from one of the mainstays of the local Amnesty International group, focused on human rights issues.

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  1. One more addition to the roll-call: Malcolm Weatherup’s Magpie’s Nest
    This is how the writer describes it: “On his retirement in 2010, Townsville Bulletin journalist and columnist Malcolm Weatherup decided to keep doing weekly posts, with a slight change of character, offering a more edgy humorous take on politicians, the local council, Townsville Enterprise, and others near and far who would influence and regulate our lives … [including] the paper itself.”
    It won’t interest many people beyond the Townsville region but it’s a valuable alternate view of what’s going on in the local political and business communities.

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