Birds on Green Path

three pelicans in flight
Pelicans soaring in the distance, above Ross River

There’s a new page on this site, Birds in a Townsville Garden (see menu). It is an index to all the species of birds I have recorded in my suburban (Mundingburra) garden, with links to blog posts and/or photos. I compiled it both as a resource for anyone wondering about birds around Townsville and as an index to the birds I have written about here on Green Path. It threw up a few gaps (why, for instance, have I never written about bowerbirds?) and I will try to fill them in coming months.

The title of the page is not strictly correct. ‘Seen from my garden’ – including birds flying high overhead, foraging on the nature trip or perched on the powerlines – is more accurate. This post includes two of the most distant shots – the Pelicans high above Ross River 400 – 500 metres away, and the Sea Eagle and its pursuer so high above me that ‘in’ my garden is too big a claim.

My garden is typical enough that most of the birds in it will be seen in most others, and vice versa. However, every garden is different and the differences do affect the wildlife. Mine was established sixty years ago. It has some very large trees (poplar gum, mango and paperbark) with many tall palms, two large poincianas on the nature strip and an understorey of frangipani, hibiscus, bottlebrush, bananas, ixora and more, providing food and habitat for many species – almost 50 so far, in fact.

grey and white eagle in flight
Sea Eagle pursued by a White-breasted Woodswallow

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