Birds enjoying the sprinkler

brown bird on fence
Little Friarbird getting wet

The continued dearth of rain makes our artificial water sources incredibly popular with the local birdlife. The birdbath is well used, mainly by the smaller birds, while the Spangled Drongos love to swoop down into the swimming pool and straight out again without losing speed; they often perch a couple of metres above one end, swoop across, perch at the other end, and repeat.

We had the sprinkler on the front lawn a few days ago (it’s all right – we have bore water so restrictions don’t affect us) and it attracted a veritable aviary display. Little Friarbirds (so familiar now that it seems odd that they have only been around for a few months), a Blue-faced Honeyeater, a couple of Brown Honeyeaters, a Drongo and the obligatory Peaceful Dove were all flitting around the water while Rainbow Lorikeets looked down from the poplar gum above them.

bedraggled brown bird
… and wetter
House Sparrow
House Sparrow

We also had a Sparrow flying around the sprinkler and doing a bit of hunting. It was a female or a young male, seen here perching in the hibiscus with a mouthful of some kind of insect.

Sparrows are are well established around the city (‘exotic’ only in that they are not native) but they rarely visit our garden. Perhaps our honeyeaters drive them off?

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