This Changes Everything

I try to maintain a rate of two or three posts here per week but have been somewhat preoccupied recently with upgrading another website and attending the odd movie, amongst other things. The Sydney Travelling Film Festival has been and gone, and we saw TropEco’s screening of This Changes Everything at JCU last week.

This Changes Everything is based on Naomi Klein’s 2014 book of the same name and what Wikipedia says about the book is the key to the movie:

In Monthly Review, Professors John Bellamy Foster and Brett Clark praised the book, writing that “Klein, who in No Logo ushered in a new generational critique of commodity culture, and who in The Shock Doctrine established herself as perhaps the most prominent North American critic of neoliberal disaster capitalism, signals that she has now, in William Morris’s famous metaphor, crossed “the river of fire” to become a critic of capitalism. The reason is climate change, including the fact that we have waited too long to address it, and the reality that nothing short of an ecological revolution will now do the job.”

If that sounds a bit dry, the cinematography is great and the movie lives up to its makers’ promise:

Unlike many works about the climate crisis, this is not a film that tries to scare the audience into action: it aims to empower. Provocative, compelling, and accessible to even the most climate-fatigued viewers, This Changes Everything will leave you refreshed and inspired …

Klein-movie-flyer Its argument that we will have to entirely remake the economy in order to solve the climate crisis is thought-provoking, to say the least. Is it necessary? Is it feasible? Is it a new idea or the apotheosis of the 1960s hippie dream? There is another screening in Townsville in ten days’ time and I do recommend it.

Before then, of course, we will have had the Climate March (Saturday 28 November) and Heads in Sand 2 later on the same afternoon. Townsville’s greenies are alive and kicking, if somewhat tired. Naomi Klein would be pleased.

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