Autumn in Spring?

autumn leaves in spring
Autumn leaves? Spring blossoms?

We don’t really get an Autumn in our monsoonal climate, or a Spring, but it can sometimes feel like both at once.

This is my front lawn, generously strewn with leaves from our poplar gum (Eucalyptus platyphylla) three days after it was raked and mowed.

In the centre of the picture is a pink frangipani under a riot of bromeliads and orchids. It is blossoming well and coming into leaf. The orange flowers at top left are on a poinciana on our front footpath, while the red flowers at top right are our constantly-flowering hibiscuses. They are all saying “Spring!” and so are the Cape York Lilies popping up at the extreme left of the picture.

It looks like the poplar gum thinks it’s Autumn but if you looked up at the tree you would see that what’s on the ground is already being replaced by tiny fresh-green leaves, so it must be Spring as well. What happened to Winter?

poplar gum leaves
Spring leaves

Before hitting “Publish” I will just compliment the tree on its regularity: I posted about this seasonal leaf loss in the last week of November 2012, noted (in the comments to that story) that it occurred again in the last week of November 2013, and here we are again in the last week of November. Raking.

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