Looking in vain for rain

black bird on branch
Spangled Drongo … looking for lunch?

All the signs of seasonal change are popping up, one by one, but Townsville (frustratingly) still hasn’t had any rain. Any parks or gardens which haven’t been watered are grey and dusty, and birds still love our garden. Drongos are regular visitors (this one may even be the one I photographed a couple of months ago), we hear the Torres Strait Pigeons calling from the top of our highest trees every day or two (their baritone ‘coo-hoo’ is unmistakeable), and the Friarbirds and Rainbow Lorikeets drown out the calls of the honeyeaters and Peaceful Doves.

Our back-door neighbours have a mango tree laden with fruit. Dozens of flying foxes visit it every night and hang around (literally) in our garden to eat it in peace; we have to walk around with a bucket every morning to pick up the pits and half-eaten fruit.

Temperatures have risen slightly and humidity has kicked up a little more. Our frangipanis have flowered and so has our batwing coral tree – although you would really have to be looking for the flowers to spot any on the latter, because our well-watered garden doesn’t provide the trigger it’s waiting for. Speaking of triggers, our dove orchids promised, nearly a week ago, that rain would be here before the end of the month (see this post for that ongoing story) and we’re still hopeful; a line of storms came towards us on Friday, evaporating before reaching Hervey’s Range but at least reassuring us that they are not too far off.

In other news (and partial excuse for the longer-than-usual gap in postings), I had another weekend of music, cassowaries and goannas at Mission Beach (last year’s photos are here) last weekend and enjoyed a concert from many of the same musicians last night.

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