Hinchinbrook Lookout

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View over the Seymour River and Hinchinbrook Channel to Hinchinbrook Island

There has always been a lookout where the highway crosses the Cardwell Range and I was glad to see that it was retained and improved when the highway was rebuilt a few years ago. This is the view from it, looking north-east over the Seymour River mouth and the Hinchinbrook Channel (almost invisible in the middle distance) to the southern end of Hinchinbrook Island (the flat tip of the island is at the far right of the picture). The northern end of Hinchinbrook is far out of sight on the left of the picture.

Hinch-and-hinterlandI must have stopped there a dozen times over the years but had never quite known how the view related to the landforms, so this time I looked it up on Google Maps.

I have marked the lookout and the Seymour River with red circles; the approximate course of the Dalrymple Track between Damper Creek and Dalrymple Creek with a dotted red line; the Broadwater camping ground, further inland, with a blue circle; and Wallaman Falls is just off the lower left corner. This link will take you to the same territory on Google Maps so that you can zoom around as you like.

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