The Varied Triller

small black and white bird
Varied Triller in the poinciana tree

I have been looking out for all the different birds in my (suburban Townsville) garden for several years now, so I know all the regulars and most of the usual visitors quite well, but I still see new species occasionally. The latest, a couple of days ago, was the Varied Triller, Lalage leucomela. When I saw it my first thought was that it was too small to be a Magpie-lark and might be a biggish honeyeater or robin, but when I checked Slaters Field Guide none of them matched. In the end I identified it with the help of the Bird Finder on Birds in Backyards. Mine is a male; females are brownish.

Trillers are in the same family, Campephagidae, as the somewhat larger Cuckooshrikes and feed on ‘insects, fruit and nectar in trees’, to quote Slaters. They are ‘uncommon nomads’ in coastal areas from central NSW to the Kimberley and up into New Guinea.

With just one sighting I count myself lucky to have taken even the one useable photo you see above; Ian Montgomery has far better shots on Birdway. Birds in Backyards doesn’t have such a good photo but does have an excellent fact sheet on the species.

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