A sunbird takes a bath

Sunbirds (Nectarinia jugularis) are our prettiest small birds and we are always delighted to see them in our garden. They don’t seem to live here (I blame our cat for that!) but a couple living nearby visit fairly often. I have seen them foraging for food and collecting nesting material, and this morning the male came for a bath when I turned on the sprinkler in his favourite part of the garden.

small bird with yellow belly, blue bid and olive back
Olive-backed Sunbird
same bird
A chance to dry off and look around

He flew up to a higher branch after a while, to stretch and dry off, but soon returned. A Brown Honeyeater (Lichmera indistincta) thought a bath was a good idea, too, and joined the sunbird for a while.

grey and olive bird on twig
Brown Honeyeater
wet grey-green bird
Having a good shake

But the Sunbird stayed longer, still enjoying himself under the sprinkler after the Honeyeater left.

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