Are we ready to vote?

Only one more sleep to election day … are we ready for it?

As I said before, environmental groups may potentially make all the difference this time, especially up here where the Reef is so important to local people. GetUp!, NQCC, Fight for the Reef and the Australian Marine Conservation Society (whose scorecard is above) have been campaigning strongly, and others including the Australian Solar Council have done their bit as well.

The political parties have been working hard, too, of course, and they have been flooding our letterboxes with … I can’t call it literature, can I? Some of it is unintentionally amusing, like the “personal letter” from David Crisafulli featuring the handwriting of three different people in the address, salutation and signature; or Clive Palmer’s amazing weight-loss regimen (he just has to stand in front of a camera); or … no, that’s enough.

Now all we’ve got to do is get out there and make our votes count. Remember that a (1) vote for a minor party is going to be wasted unless we also put a (2) against the major party of our choice. (Hey, I’m allowed to say that – even Greens candidate Gail Hamilton has said it in public.)

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