Brush Cuckoo

black-brown speckled bird
A juvenile Brush Cuckoo on our power-line

I have been keeping a close watch on the birds visiting my garden for a couple of years now and I have compiled a list of 35 – 40 species (the exact number depends on whether I count birds seen from my garden but not really in it) but I am still seeing new ones.

I saw this speckled bird perched on our power-line and foraging in our bottlebrush nearly a week ago. Once I found out that it was a juvenile Brush Cuckoo, Cacomantis variolosus, I started looking for the parents but (so far) with no luck. The adults look quite different – here is a photo on Birdway – and I don’t think I would mistake them for any of our other regular visitors. Juveniles of many species, of course, are camouflage coloured and it does make identification more difficult.

Both these photos were taken on the same occasion. I don’t know whether it was our guest’s first visit but it was the first I noticed; I saw what I assume to be the same bird again yesterday so perhaps it has moved in to the area.

speckled bird with caterpillar
Lunch was a hairy caterpillar

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