Mound-builder at work

black bird on mound of leaves
Male Scrub Turkey on his mound

I thought that the Scrub Turkeys I saw at Pallarenda and mentioned so cursorily in my previous post deserved a little more attention because one of them was working so hard.

He (and it was he, not she, since the males build the mounds) was well into the construction of a nesting mound on the edge of the little park just before the gate to the Conservation Park and old Quarantine Station. He already had a mound two or three metres across and kept on working in spite of people and cars moving around nearby.

I saw two or three more Scrub Turkeys in the uncleared area in the background, just across the road (presumably at least one will have been a female), but I didn’t see any on the Town Common proper although there may well have been some.

black bird kicking leaves higher on the mound
Mound-builder in action

4 thoughts on “Mound-builder at work”

  1. Really amazing birds with their mounds.
    They are now very common here in suburban Ku-ring-gai Sydney, just in the last few years.
    I think it might be because they started a fox eradication program.
    The Turkeys can be a bit of nightmare though, if they decide to mound in the wrong spot in your backyard.
    They are very determined creatures.

  2. That’s an excellent account of your battle with the turkeys.
    Must admit I had read your excellent tale a while ago, but forgot it was you – silly me.
    I have had battles with a turkey in my backyard too.
    And yes they do love to dig under and nest next to banana trees.
    Also I like to mulch my plants with truckloads of arborists woodchips,
    so you can guess the mess the turkey made of it.
    I didn’t have the energy to continually demolish the mound but
    found this little mirror trick very clever and surprisingly effective.
    (part of this discussion)

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