greenish bird with red beak
Asian Dollarbird, Eurystomus orientalis, on a powerline in the Ross Dam car-park

The Dollarbird, Eurystomus orientalis, is a wet-season visitor to the Townsville region. Slaters Field Guide says it frequents “forest and woodland” when it’s here (September to April), which I guess is why I have yet to see one in the suburbs.

It reminded me of the (too) common Indian Mynah but is a bit bigger and much more beautifully coloured: its jade-green wings, brown-green back and blue throat set off the red beak and feet very nicely. It gets its name from white patches which are highly visible in flight, the ‘dollars’, under its wingtips.

Dollarbirds are aerial predators taking insects in flight like our Rainbow Bee-eaters. For more information, visit the Birds in Backyards page about them.

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