Yellow Honeyeater

yellow-green bird on blossom
Yellow Honeyeater

Yellow Honeyeaters (Lichenostomus flavus) don’t visit my garden (as far as I know!) but they are quite common in Townsville parklands. I have seen them in Anderson Park, beside Ross Creek and along Ross River. The one above was one of several enjoying the paperbark flowers near the Riverway Arts Centre on Saturday morning; I saw them during the same visit on which I photographed Percival (see my previous post). I suspect the only reason they don’t visit my garden is that the numerous resident White-gaped Honeyeaters out-compete them for their preferred food.

They are easily identified because no other birds of around the same size are so uniformly bright yellow-green: the other honeyeaters about their size (e.g. White-gaped) are much duller, and the bright, beautiful Sunbird is much smaller. Their range is limited to Cape York and a coastal strip extending South to about Rockhampton.

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