Eco-fiesta afterword

stalls and crowds at Eco fiesta Townsville 2014

The weather last Sunday was lovely and thousands took advantage of it to visit Townsville’s Eco-fiesta. It was much the same as last year, with a very similar collection of organisations participating: NQCC, Wildlife Queensland, the Herb Society, Hands on Wildlife, Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare, Sundalah and a few other yoga and alternative health people, Amnesty and many more.

shopping bag 5643Businesses joined in, too – solar power, recycled plastics, energy-efficient lighting – but I was even more impressed by our local government’s involvement. The council was giving away native plants, swapping water-wasteful sprinklers for more efficient models, advising on weed control and so on. And of course, they organised and supported the whole event, which is great. Thanks, Council!

Numbers may have been down a bit overall because the event has shrunk from two days to one, but numbers were probably higher on that one day than on either of the two days on previous years. I was pleased to hear from several stall-holders that they had almost run out of flyers, posters, etc, by the end of the day.

We came home with our arms and bags full: veggie seedlings from the Permaculture stall, our Glue Berry from the council stall, herb seedlings, posters from the Wet Tropics stall, a book on plant identification and a handful of flyers and information sheets. Oh, and the good feeling you get when you spend a few hours with a happy crowd of like-minded people.

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