Figbird feast

red fruit in cane bowl
Not cherry tomatoes, but about the same size

The rain a month ago encouraged all of our palm trees to produce flowers and, in due course, seeds. Insects (mostly flies and bees) and birds visit the flowers, and birds and possums feed happily on the seeds.

speckled bird amongst red and green seeds
Figbird in the Alexandra Palm

Like all birds, Figbirds (Sphecotheres vieilloti) follow the food supply and our suburban (Mundingburra) garden only attracts them sporadically. A family group visited our Alexandra Palm a fortnight ago for their share of the seeds. The one above is an adult or near-adult male, as the yellow breast shows, while the one below, with a speckled breast and grey-brown back, is a female.

speckled bird in palm
Interrupting lunch to check out the threat below

Visit this page for my story about Figbirds feeding beside Ross River on the fruit they are named for.

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