What do Rainbow Lorikeets eat?

Our poplar gum has been full of birds in the last couple of weeks – Friarbirds, White-gaped Honeyeaters, Blue-faced Honeyeaters and, more recently still, Rainbow Lorikeets. Most of them are primarily nectar feeders but the tree was not in blossom until a couple of days ago so I figured they had to be after insects. A series of three action shots as fluky as the honeyeater’s tongue shows an example:

Rainbow Lorikeet foraging, scale insect on leaf at left of photo
Rainbow Lorikeet foraging, scale insect in centre of leaf at left of photo
rainbow lorikeet seizing scale insect
Gotcha! Rainbow Lorikeet seizing scale insect
leaf minus insect
No scale insect. Rainbow Lorikeet in background, if you look hard enough

As usual, clicking on these images will take you to larger versions.

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