Rainbow Lorikeets in the Paperbark

cream flowers
Paperbark blossom

Our big paperbark tree (melaleuca) is now in full blossoming mode, joining the poplar gum which started flowering a week ago, and the nectar-feeding birds are having a wonderful time in both of them. The Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus) are in constant motion, squabbling as they feed and then flitting off in little groups and coming back a few minutes later.

Rainbow Lorikeet feeding on paperbark blossom
Rainbow Lorikeet feeding on paperbark blossom
lorikeet twsting around to feed on blossom
Awkward? Me? Nonsense!

Coming home at 8.30 last night I saw a couple of flying foxes, which are also nectar feeders, in the poplar gum. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they feed on the paperbark too; maybe I should get out there with a big torch tonight.

Those two trees aren’t all that’s flowering at the moment. The mango has just finished, the macadamia is just getting into its stride and the red bottlebrush is just past its best. The last of these seems to attract mostly Brown and White-gaped Honeyeaters, while the mango and macadamia aren’t so popular with the birds although bees and other insects love them.

Postscript, 3.9.13

mound of leaves on lawn
After the feast, the debris: two days’ worth of leaves and blossom scattered on the ground under the poplar gum and raked together for disposal

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    1. Hi, Bernie,
      We saw Black Cockatoos down at Pallarenda last weekend but I haven’t seen any in Mundingburra. They do come to Anderson Park and Gill Park, either side of Pimlico high school, so I’ll have to watch out for them.

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