Townsville Eco-fiesta 2013

people and tents
One corner of the scene at the Eco-Fiesta

The weather was lovely and the people came to Queens Gardens in their thousands for Eco-Fiesta – all sorts of people from babies to octogenarians, new-agey folk to businessmen, solar power engineers, musicians, yoga practitioners, fairtraders, craftspeople, beekeepers and permacultivators … yes, I made up a couple of words there, but I’m sure you know what I mean. It was great to see such a broad spectrum of people coming together. Great, too, to see that everyone manning the stalls was genuinely happy talking to visitors – but I guess that’s what happens when you believe in what you are doing, selling or promoting.

Palm Creek Folk Festival, which is held over the coming (Queen’s Birthday) long weekend, had a stall there but my spies tell me that they have now sold out – for the first time ever, you won’t be able to buy a ticket at the venue on the day – and their website confirms it. Oops! I missed out!

In three hours or so I managed to check out most of the stalls, buy some lemongrass cordial from the Herb Society stall (lovely!) and lunch, and listen to a couple of groups on stage and Alex Salvador’s drum circle on the lawn. I came home with a bundle of flyers, business cards, posters and fridge magnets which I will scan and line up to appear here gradually in the next week or two while I will be away from my desk, so as not to overwhelm anyone here with the abundance of information.