Green Tree Frog

close-up of large frog
Green Tree Frog

I don’t know how many frogs we have in our garden but we have seen this one a few times in the last week. He (she?) is a Green Tree Frog, Litoria caerulea, and is a very large member of the species. Wikipedia reckons they reach 10cm and he was at least that big – he is resting on large adult male hands here. I will measure him next time I see him.*

Yesterday I discovered him enjoying the cool water in the bottom of our old concrete laundry tub and hauled him out to take a photo on the way to a safer place. As I noted a while ago, they adapt their colour to their surroundings and this one had spent hours trying to look grey-brown. He didn’t manage to change as much as this virtuoso, however.

Handling frogs is not generally recommended because salt, oils and traces of other chemicals on our skin can be passed on to them and harm their health. Their damp, delicate skin is easily damaged by rough handling, too. Washing our hands in clean water and handling the frog immediately after – with our hands still wet, as seen below – is best for them.

Frog on hands
Another view of the same frog

* We measured him the same evening: 11.5 cm. Wikipedia is wrong!!

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