Mekong views: life on the banks

More Mekong River views, this time concentrating on the life of local people along its banks rather than its use as a highway as shown in my previous post. All were taken between Luang Prabang and Chiang Kong.

village on high sandy river bank
A typical small thatch-built village perched high above the end-of-wet-season water level to be above flood level.
vegetable garden on river bank
Silty banks exposed as the waters recede are often cultivated, producing quick-grown crops such as peanuts and corn every dry season.

trimming a log on the sandy beach
Local people trimming a baulk of timber – presumably teak, since the flowering trees in the centre of the photograph are teak.
A closer view of the workers.
A closer view of the workers.
Thick rainforest.
Thick rainforest still covers many of the hillsides. The yellow-flowering tree in the centre is teak, with (I think) wild bananas at lower right.
part-cleared hills by the river
Land partly cleared, perhaps for slash-and-burn agriculture but perhaps by loggers.
new road by the river, with cleared hillsides
This new road allows logging companies as well as farmers full, easy access to the rainforest.
tree towering over thatch house
Some of the forest giants are left standing. Compare the height of this tree to the house beneath it.
village and boats
Another river-side village, rather more modern than the first on this page, with boats moored on the bank below.

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