What’s around – mid January 2013

Temperatures have continued to edge up, but only a degree or two, to 33-34 in the daytime after an overnight ‘low’ (quotation marks for the benefit of those who don’t live in the tropics!) of 24-26C. At least we have been spared the blistering heat of inland and southern Australia’s record-breaking heat-wave. It was one of the top news stories for a week and its link to to climate change was made quite explicit. Even the business community noticed.

This time a year ago the Wet had been with us for six or seven weeks and the garden had responded appropriately as per my monthly round-up at the time. This year we are still waiting for real rain (so far we have had 15mm of rain around Christmas Eve and 30mm at New Year but nothing else) and my round-up should be an almost exact copy of what I wrote last month. I’m not going to bother writing it all again, merely note that I have seen my first Elephant Beetles of the season and a few more stray insects including the large moth below.

large brown moth
This large moth took refuge on our kitchen window frame last week. Its hind wings are a bright orange but it doesn’t pay to advertise when you’re resting.

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