What’s around – mid June 2012

One of the few ... a Broad-headed Bug, Alydidae

Just after my last monthly update the weather changed dramatically and we had a fortnight of wet, cold weather, with 50 mm of rain and the coldest May day in 22 years. We’re back to normal now, with clear skies and temperatures mostly around 10C overnight and 25C during the day, but that wet spell seems to have knocked insect numbers down considerably.

We still have a fair range of species in the garden, but almost all in very low numbers: one Eurema, a few Junonia, one giant grasshopper, one leaf-hopper, one mating pair of flower wasps, etc. (links are all to older photos). Apart from the ants, the most numerous creatures are the flies, especially the little green Dolichopodidae, and the small orb-weaving spiders, the Silver Orb-weavers and the spiky Austracantha. The Green-ants are doing very well, steadily establishing satellite nests away from the mango tree, and we have our usual clean-up patrols of small black ants around the house.

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