Waterfall highway

Mountains march up the coast between Townsville and Cairns, with just a narrow strip of flat land between their feet and the sea. Onshore winds strike the ranges, dropping their load of moisture to form dozens of short creeks and rivers which pour off the steeper slopes as rapids and waterfalls. Driving up the highway one sees a series of brown ‘tourist’ signs pointing to them: Crystal Creek Falls, Jourama, Josephine, Wallaman, Murray, Behana and others, many surrounded by their own small National Parks. We saw two new waterfalls on the weekend trip to Cairns (my excuse for a gap in posting here), Murray and Behana.

Murray Falls
Murray Falls, between Cardwell and Tully, North Queensland

It is impossible to photograph the whole of Murray Falls from ground level because its three main sections can’t all be seen from any one vantage point, but it is a beautiful waterfall and is served by one of the prettiest camping grounds I’ve seen. My photo shows the middle section. The lower section is a short walk away, and there is a longer walk along a rainforest track to a viewing platform at the top of the upper section.

Behana Falls
Behana Falls just South of Gordonvale

Behana Gorge is almost a local secret, tucked in behind Walsh’s Pyramid and poorly signposted. Access is very straightforward, with a short drive from the highway to the carpark and an easy but longish (3km each way) walk through tropical rainforest to the falls themselves along a service road which leads to a small dam just out of sight in my photo.

Green Path will have more to show and tell about both of these places when I have time.

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