WordPress SEO installed

The great temptation, once you have got a website up and running, is to forget about its machinery to concentrate on its content. That’s what I have been doing here, too, although I should know better. Belatedly, I have just looked into optimising my site for search engines – the idea being that I can make its content more easily findable by people who want to read it, which must be a win-win scenario.

How? In WordPress, you browse through a long list of plugins which add the extra functionality; you check out the functions each of them offers, and the user reviews and rankings; you install your chosen plugin (and donate to the writer, if you feel so inclined); and you’re done – in some cases, anyway.

Having selected and installed WordPress SEO, I have made some global changes but need to add to each page some hidden content indexed by search engines. That will take some time, unfortunately, but on the other hand there’s no particular need to hurry.

The only change my readers may notice is that permalinks (the individual URL’s which take you straight to a particular post, e.g.  https://malcolmtattersall.com.au/wp/2011/04/launching-bugblog/) are now words rather than numbers.

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