White mangrove flowers
White mangrove flowers

Coming home from the city via Queens Road I cross a mangrove creek which divides South Townsville from Hermit Park, and sometimes I stop off and wander along the creek.

I had my camera with me last time I did that. The mangroves are flowering, showing quite pretty little white flowers, and attracting pollen and nectar feeders like this Blue-banded Bee, which in turn attract predators like the Assassin Bug.

Blue-banded bee on white mangrove flowers
Blue-banded bee, Amegilla sp., on mangrove flowers
Assassin bug nymph
Assassin Bug, probably Pristhesancus plagipennis,  nymph

Mangroves themselves are fascinating in the ways they have adapted to survive and thrive in their muddy, salty environment. There’s a nice explanation of their adaptations here and I’ll leave you with a leaf which demonstrates one of their tricks:

Mangrove leaf detail showing salt crystals
What’s the white stuff, and how did it get there?

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