A carbon tax at last

A message from GetUp! which I am happy to support and pass on:

Today we woke up knowing that the global conversation on climate change has changed. Yesterday’s passage of the Clean Energy Act into law means we’ve finally taken action to secure our clean energy future. To mark the occasion, Al Gore passed on these kind words:

“This is a historic moment. Australia’s Parliament has put the nation’s first carbon price into law. With this vote, the world has turned a pivotal corner in the collective effort to solve the climate crisis. This success is the result of the tireless work of an unprecedented coalition that came together to support the legislation, the leadership of Prime Minister Gillard, and the courage of legislators to take a vote that helps to safeguard the future of all Australians.

I have spent enough time in Australia to know that their spirit of independence as a people cannot be underestimated. As the world’s leading coal exporter, there’s no doubt that opposition to this legislation was fierce. But through determination and commitment, the voice of the people of Australia has rung out loud and clear.

Today, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we do everything we can to ensure that this legislation is successful.”

– Al Gore, November 2011

Click here to watch a video that tells the story of how we arrived at this day.

Yesterday’s success is yet more evidence of the fact that coordinated community action has the power to lead our Parliamentarians toward just, environmentally sustainable outcomes. But a wider community movement will be needed to protect these laws and grow further investments in clean energy.

As GetUp! and Al Gore say, there is more to be done – firstly to ensure this step is not allowed to slip away and secondly to build on it – but it’s nice to have got this far at last.

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