Ross River parklands

View of Ross River meanders at dusk
Ross River at dusk

In the past week I have found several opportunities to wander along the Ross River parklands near home in the late afternoon or early evening. Much of the stretch between Aplin’s Weir and the Bowen Road bridge is similar to what you see in the photograph above: a relatively narrow channel meandering between grassy mounds which are often under water in the Wet season, with a high bank on the Mundingburra side.

I wrote about the Sea Eagles and other birds not long ago, but there are insects to be seen as well. This afternoon’s haul was fairly typical for the time of year and time of day: one skinny green-brown sap-sucker (Hemiptera) on a shrub, one beautiful Glasswing perched head-high on a grass head, lots of tiny blue-brown Lycaenid butterflies ankle-high amongst the grass, and one orb-weaving spider hoping (no doubt) to catch some of them.

Glasswing butterfly
Lycaenid butterfly
Family: Lycaenidae

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