Midwinter damselfly

Damselfly perched on macadamia twig

I said a while ago that all the dragonflies had vanished from my garden with the onset of the dry season. I believed that the damselflies (their more delicate relations) had gone with them, but today I found this delicate creature perched in the shadows of the macadamia tree.

It would have been so easy to overlook this one, though, that I now wonder whether there have been a few around all the time. Their larvae need permanent water and the nearest I know of is two or three hundred metres away in Anderson Park in one direction or Ross River in the other. Perhaps the adults do constantly roam that far, or perhaps this one was just unlucky enough to be caught by a gust of wind.

Quite by coincidence, I saw on Flickr today a great photo of a dragonfly emerging from its larval shell. It may take a moment to make sense of it, however: the new, soft, adult is emerging with feet in the air, eyes very prominent at the upper right and wings still collapsed into creamy-white buds.

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