Sea Eagles along Ross River

I took my camera down to the Ross River parklands a few days ago and was amazed by the bird life. (It’s funny how every photo looks like a bird when your lens is a telephoto!)

In the space of an hour or less I saw a White-faced Heron, a Plover, Welcome Swallows, a Rainbow Bee-eater, Magpie-larks, Peaceful Doves and a Cuckoo-shrike – but they all seemed insignificant after I saw the pair of Sea Eagles patrolling along the river.

Sea Eagle perched in tree
White-bellied Sea Eagle, Haliaaetus leucogaster

They are very big, powerful birds – something you only really see at close range, which is a rare privilege. Slater’s Field Guide gives their body length as 76 – 84 cm, as compared to the Brahminy Kite at 45 – 50 cm; only the Wedge-tailed Eagle (90 – 100 cm) is bigger.

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