Going solar: Ravenswood and elsewhere

My wife has recently returned from a holiday in Europe (Germany, France, and northern Italy) and says that solar panels are all over the place there. She found the sight of centuries-old farm sheds with panels gleaming on their roofs quite amusing, and also noted that people were ‘not just putting up a few panels, as we do, but covering the whole roof.’ All good to hear.

While she was over there, I visited Ravenswood, which is quite a contrast. They do have solar power in common, though. Here’s a house in town, an older place (note the single-skin weatherboard construction) in a well kept garden:

House in Ravenswood with solar panels on roof
Old and new: the house is probably a century old.

Meanwhile, back here in Townsville, I’m still waiting on our first electricity bill since installation of our own system. When I get that, I will write up our experiences as a companion piece to David’s story.

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