Billabong Sanctuary

Waterbirds on the edge of the lagoon at Billabong Sanctuary
Waterbirds on an island in the lagoon

One of the nice things about having an out-of-town guest is having an excuse to revisit local attractions. Billabong Sanctuary is one I hadn’t been to for years, until yesterday. It concentrates on Australian, especially northern, wildlife, and the fact that it is centred on a large lagoon makes waterbirds a constant presence even if the large reptiles – you know, the snappy logs (and if you don’t know, you will have to wait) – are the main attraction to most visitors.

The photo above gives a hint of their numbers. Most of the bigger birds in it are the familiar White Ibis and the smaller ones are mainly Whistling Ducks, but I am sure there are other species amongst them. I saw so many different birds in our half-day at the Sanctuary that I will put them in another post, but I will leave you, for now, with the one that made me laugh:

Looks like a black and white feathered football
– ? –




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  1. One of the best wildlife parks I’ve visited – and with kids, I’ve seen quite a sample. The layout around a lake is brilliant in attracting so much birdlife to the sanctuary, and creating a naturally spacious layout for an enjoyable stroll. A great place to chill while wearing out the kids, and a chance to meet all sorts of new critters.

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