Butterflies on the Common

In an afterword to my previous post I mentioned an afternoon on Cape Pallarenda and the Town Common. Here are some of the butterflies I saw on that walk. First, along the track over the cape towards Shelly Beach (as usual, click on the image to go to a larger one):

Common Crow butterfly on snakeweed
Common Crow, Euploea core, on snakeweed
Eastern Brown Crow butterfly
Eastern Brown Crow, Euploea tulliolus
Blue Tiger butterfly on snakeweed
Blue Tiger, Tirumala hamata, on snakeweed







They are all about the same size in real life, and the first two are quite closely related (they are in the same genus, Euploea).

I turned back from the Shelly Beach track to walk along the edge of the swampy Town Common. Most of the water has gone at this time of year but there are still open pools between boggy patches of grass and reeds. There were lots of dragonflies (as compared to almost none up on the high ground) and a different collection of butterflies – quite a lot of Lesser Wanderers, Danaus chrysippus, and even more of their near relations the Swamp Tiger, Danaus affinis. Here’s a pair of them enjoying the last of the afternoon sunshine:

Mating pair of Swamp Tiger butterflies
Mating pair of Swamp Tigers

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