An unexpected visitor

Most of the animals in my garden – in anybody’s garden, for that matter – are insects, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have larger residents. Possums live here (sometimes in our ceiling space!) and so do lots of birds; and we get occasional visitors. I looked up into the top of one of our palm trees yesterday and saw something a bit odd. A bit of broken frond? No. Look again:

Flying fox in palm tree
High in the palm tree ...

It was a flying fox, sleeping through the daytime as they do. We hear them quite often at night, squabbling as they feed on the nectar of our  poplar gum or paperbark, or the fruit of our bananas, but they normally fly home to their colonies near dawn.

I don’t  know why this one was here alone but it stayed all day – just moving into the shadier foliage of a nearby bauhinia around lunchtime. He or she is a Black Flying Fox, Pteropus alecto (Wikipedia has more information). Here are some close-ups (as usual, click on then for larger images).

Flying fox close-up front
Front view
Flying fox close-up 2
Love the red fur on the shoulders!

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