Not so wild life

Butterfly, Mycalesis terminus, on fruit cake
Not so wild

I went bush yesterday, up to Hervey’s Range about half an hour north-west of Townsville where the wildlife is abundant and varied. It was my first visit since just after cyclone Yasi at the beginning of February, and I was pleased by how much the area had recovered: everything looks green again.

Butterflies were everywhere. The bright yellow Eurema were the most obvious but I also spotted Clearwings, Glasswings, Crows and several other species besides the one in my picture, Mycalesis terminus (a close relation of the Dingy one here).

This individual was either pathetically stupid or ridiculously trusting. After flitting around us and our afternoon tea table it settled happily on a piece of fruit cake for a good meal:

Close up of Mycalesis terminus on fruit cake
Mycalesis terminus enjoying afternoon tea

This, of course, was while we were sitting there chatting and enjoying a cup of coffee in the late afternoon sunshine.

Eventually one of us decided that the cake was (after all) ours, and gently removed our lepidopteran friend from it. Did he fly off in panic? Not at all. He just sat on the table until we gave him a little piece just for himself:

Mycalesis terminus on fruit cake
Mycalesis terminus

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