Dove orchids in bloom

My garden smells wonderful this morning – every single clump of dove orchids is in full bloom. Read about them at Dove Orchids and the verdict, Unreliable Orchids, if you don’t know them.

Now … is it going to rain in ten days’ time? or are they responding to the little bit of rain (about 10 mm on the 24th) we had a week ago? or neither, or both? Time will tell. Meanwhile, I will get into the garden and enjoy them.


Dry-season butterflies in Townsville

Cairns Birdwing
Male Cairns Birdwing

I don’t like to brag, but we have so many Cairns Birdwings in our garden that I rarely bother pointing a camera at them. When one poses as beautifully as this, however, and I happen to have a camera in my hand, I do take advantage of the opportunity.

At the moment we have at least two semi-resident male birdwings spending their time chasing each other away from the Aristolochia vines while hoping a female will turn up. They may not have too long to wait, since we do see females as often as males.

Also around the garden in this unusually damp ‘dry’ season: Common Eggfly (male and female), Chocolate Soldiers, Grass Yellows, Skippers,  Plumbago BluesLemon Migrants and Crows (links will take you to older posts and photos). I think that’s about all, other than the solitary Lurcher which popped out of the shrubbery yesterday. It may be the same individual we found at the end of July, since this one is clearly no longer young.

Lurcher butterfly
Australian Lurcher on sacred bamboo

Wallaman wildlife 2: various insects and spiders

Rather than try to upload all my other photos of the small wildlife of Wallaman Falls to this blog, I have added them to last year’s album on flickr – this link will take you a collection of some thirty photos, almost equally split between this year’s visit and last year’s. There are beetles, ants, katydids (I particularly liked the spotty one), bees, mantises and more. The place was fairly buzzing, taking advantage of the abundant food at the tail end of the Wet season.