Nocturnal visitors

I was thoughtless enough to leave a window open and a light on in my study on Wednesday evening and by the time I noticed, there were dozens of little bugs around the light and resting on the ceiling. There were several green lacewings, at least one brown lacewing, a creature I thought was a katydid but turned out to be a cricket, some bugs which looked like small pale mosquitoes but were non-biting midges, many tiny moths and flies, and miscellaneous others. Here are some of them.

cricket looking like brown grasshopper
Cricket (Gryllidae, perhaps Amusurgus sp.), about 12mm long not counting the antennae (click for larger view, as usual)
green lacewing
Green lacewing (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae) resting on ceiling
Not a mosquito but a non-biting midge (Chironomidae). Love the feathery antennae!
Another non-biting midge, Chironomidae
orange and black fly
This looks like it could be a wasp but it is a fly (Diptera, Plecia sp.)

These five all look roughly the same size on screen but in real life the midges are only 4 – 5 mm long and the others are two or three times their size.

The room has a resident population of spiders and they benefited from the influx of prey. The fly here is not a house fly but about half that size, so the spider is correspondingly minute.

spider and fly
Daddy long-legs with an incautious fly.