Reading about the Reef

Having mentioned this book in connection with Tribal Science, I’m posting my review of it here in spite of the fact that it has already appeared in slightly different forms in the Townsville Bulletin and in Waves, the newsletter of the Reef HQ Volunteers Association. James Woodford, already an award-winning environmental journalist with several books to … Continue reading “Reading about the Reef”

The Greatest Show on Earth

The Greatest Show On Earth Richard Dawkins Bantam, September 2009, $35.00 The Greatest Show on Earth fills a gap in Richard Dawkins’ impressive sequence of books about evolution, from The Selfish Gene thirty years ago to The Blind Watchmaker and The Ancestor’s Tale. The new book is primarily a clear, thorough explanation of the evidence … Continue reading “The Greatest Show on Earth”

Tasmania’s Wilderness Battles

Greg Buckman Tasmania’s Wilderness Battles Jacana, June 2008, $29.95 Wilderness has been a bigger community issue in Tasmania than in any other Australian state, so a history of the fight to preserve it has a lot of ground to cover. Buckman organises it chronologically within four strands – hydro-electric power, forestry, mining and national parks … Continue reading “Tasmania’s Wilderness Battles”

Landscape of Farewell: reflections on reconciliation

• This review was published in the Townsville Bulletin and then, in a longer form, in LiNQ before Green Path was conceived but is relevant enough to the blog to deserve a place on it. The date-stamp will say 2008, the date of first publication, although the review was only added to this site in 2017. Landscape of Farewell Alex Miller … Continue reading “Landscape of Farewell: reflections on reconciliation”

The Revenge of Gaia

In a universe long, long ago The Townsville Bulletin had a weekly books page independently edited by a staff journalist. I approached her about the possibility of doing some reviewing, and she was open-minded enough to give me the opportunity. She had no budget to pay me for my time but I got lots of … Continue reading “The Revenge of Gaia”