Climate Change

This page brings together the shortest, clearest and most authoritative information about our predicament that I can find, and our ways out of it … except that we have left action so late that we will never be able to go back to a pre-1950 climate.

It supersedes an older page on this site called “Climate Change References” which had become embarrassingly out of date. That is a common problem with anything to do with climate, since the science is new and is developing very quickly while the effects of global warming are also new and are (sadly) growing just as quickly. It means that any data or analysis more than ten years old has probably been superseded.

Climate Change: what do we know? How do we know?

NASA: Evidence, causes, effects, consensus and FAQ’s –

Bureau of Meteorology: State of the Climate, 2018 –

Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events

James Hansen, one of the world’s leading climate scientists, told us in 2011 that global warming was “loading the climate dice”, making extreme weather events both more common and more extreme. Here are a quick introduction  and a more technical introduction to his work.

Debunking 25 Arguments Against Climate Change (The Logic of Science)

… in five sentences or less (each) –

Disinformation campaigns

A good, concise introduction on The Conversation to the ongoing disinformation campaigns on fossil fuels, tobacco, pesticides and more –

Disinformation database on Desmog Blog: look up individuals or organisations –

Solutions (Drawdown)

A summary of solutions to the problem of reducing atmospheric CO2, ranked by their potential to help. Each solution reduces greenhouse gases by avoiding emissions and/or by sequestering carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere.

Eating for the Planet

My own overview.

And remember…

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