Green Path (in)activity

When I began the blog, at the beginning of 2011, it quickly settled into a loose pattern of about six updates each month. That rate has dropped off recently because I have been busier than usual with other activities, and all I can do is apologise.
I will get back on track as soon as I can; meanwhile, the blog’s facebook page (see sidebar) will help to keep you up to date with environmental news.

Changes to Comments policy

This site has been receiving so much spam that I have, reluctantly, had to disable visitor comments and the email form on the Contact page. If you have something to add to one of my posts, please email me as per the instructions on the Contact page (yes, there is a workaround) and I will add your email as a Comment on the appropriate post (unless you ask me not to, of course).

There must be better ways of dealing with the problem and when I find time, I will install one. Until then, please accept my apologies.

Recent additions

I have just added another book review to the site, of Alex Miller’s Landscape of Farewell. It’s part of a sporadic process of republishing old reviews and other articles on the blog; each is posted under the date of its first publication so the quickest way to find them (if you’re curious) is to scroll to the bottom of the drop-down “Archives” menu at right.