My aviary is my garden, and a familiar bush block at Hervey’s Range, and anywhere else in the bush with birds. Who needs bars?

More seriously, this post is a collection of recent bird photos that I was pleased with but haven’t attached themselves to any particular story. The first shows a Drongo in my suburban garden and the rest were taken on two separate visits to Hervey’s Range.

Clicking on the images will, as usual bring them up full-size in a light-box and reveal extended captions.


Spangled Drongo, Dicrurus bracteatus
Spangled Drongo

Hervey’s Range

Dry Town Common – with birds

Townsville’s Town Common Conservation Park is a world-famous (amongst birders, at least) wetland and bird refuge but it is not at its best now, six dry months after the second of two consecutive failed Wet seasons. My first three photos were all taken from the lookout above Tegoora Rock a week ago, looking towards the city, then turning right to look along the inland face of the Many Peaks Range, then (for completeness and variety) right again to look into the scrub on the ridge behind me.

town common dry season
View from the Tegoora Rock lookout towards the city – Castle Hill is just to the left of the picture

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poplar gum flowers
Poplar gum flowers

Around this time every year our huge poplar gum bursts into flower, producing a bonanza for the birds which come from miles around to feast on its nectar. We delight in the display, too, even while we deal with the mess the tree and the birds make. Thousands of flowers pop their caps, which litter the lawn like miniature caltrops, then the rainbow lorikeets arrive to squawk and squabble, Continue reading “Bonanza!”

What Bird is That?

Two bird photographs from my walk around Magnetic Island in June have languished on my hard drive ever since, waiting for an ID. In cases like this I usually spend some time going through references online or on paper then, if that doesn’t give me a result, ask the appropriate Friendly Local Expert (FLE). FLE’s are wonderful people, putting up with some very ordinary questions (I’m sure) for nothing more than the pleasure of sharing their passion for ants, sap-sucking insects, or (as in this case) birds. This bird was my problem:

rufous whistler
Very ordinary small bird (1) side view

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