Bali Botanical Gardens

The Bali Botanical Garden is up in the mountains, near Mount Batur, an hour or so from Ubud by car. Its altitude makes its climate significantly cooler than the lowlands and the day we visited was overcast with intermittent rain but we had a wonderful time anyway. The orchids and ferns were particularly good, and we would … Continue reading “Bali Botanical Gardens”

A Balinese flying fox

I interrupted my intended series of posts about Bali (snakefruit, butterflies) to keep up to date with local subjects but I can now return there in spirit if not, unfortunately, in body. Here’s the only local flying fox we saw close up, resting beneath its perch outside a restaurant in the hills between Mt Agung and Ubud. The lovely golden fur … Continue reading “A Balinese flying fox”

Blencoe Falls and Jabali Walk, Girringun National Park

Blencoe Falls are on Blencoe Creek, a tributary entering the upper Herbert River only a few hundred metres downstream of the falls. I visited the area in the interregnum between Christmas and New Year, in what was probably the very tail end of the Dry season. There had been enough rain to keep the creek flowing, but … Continue reading “Blencoe Falls and Jabali Walk, Girringun National Park”