Alligator Creek photo album

A collection of photos from our visit to Alligator Creek on Easter Saturday, as promised a few days ago in my post about the goanna.

Looking downstream from the lookout to the main swimming area

We parked at the picnic ground, followed the Alligator Creek Falls walking track as far as Cockatoo Creek, two kilometres upstream, and returned for a late lunch before a heavy shower of rain made us decide to return home rather than walk down for a swim.

The creek and park are at their best now. Recent rain has flushed out the creek and it is still running well without being too scary for swimmers, while the vegetation is green and lush. Butterflies were everywhere, skinks and bigger lizards were sunning themselves on the track and on the rocks beside the water, and flowers were abundant.

Lycaenid butterfly
One of the smallest butterflies we saw, a Tailed Cupid, Everes lacturnus
red dragonfly Diplacodes haematodes
Scarlet Percher, Diplacodes haematodes
nobbi lizard
Nobbi Dragon, Amphibolurus nobbi, on the track
Low-growing native rosella

This red ‘hibiscus’ was identified as a Native Rosella (Abelmoschus moschatus ssp. tuberosus) by WQ folk when we saw it on a walk at Oak Valley; there’s a full description here on ANPSA.¬†A taller white and pink hibiscus which was also quite common (old photo) was probably Hibiscus forsteri.

Cycad beside the track; the new foliage was surprisingly soft
alligator creek
White water a hundred metres upstream from the lookout
At the junction of Cockatoo Creek and Alligator Creek

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