A winter morning at the Palmetum

Mount Stuart under a blanket of cloud
Mount Stuart under a blanket of cloud

Early mornings have been so beautiful recently that staying indoors unnecessarily is … criminal? silly? wasteful? something of that kind, anyway … and a week ago I took advantage of a couple of free hours to visit the Palmetum.

My top photo shows Mount Stuart as it has often appeared recently, with a delicate blanket of cloud which catches the sun beautifully until dissipating mid-morning. On my walk from the park entrance to the lagoon, back through the rainforest, down to the riverbank and back I saw most of the usual birds – darters, cormorants, pee-wits, jacanas, ibis ducks, scrub turkeys, rainbow lorikeets and more.

Australian Darter
Australian Darter drying his wings above the lagoon in early sunshine

The flying foxes which used to time-share the rainforest with the ibis have moved out, for better and for worse: it’s good to be able to walk freely around the rainforest but I do wonder how well the flying foxes have coped with the move.

Forest Kingfisher in a paperbark on the bank of Ross River

As well as all the birds I saw Agile Wallabies and some, but not many, insects – butterflies and dragonflies, spiny spiders in their orb webs and a cute jumping spider on the bench overlooking the river. Early morning tends to be best for the birds and animals but the invertebrates like the warmth of the middle of the day.

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