Lurchers, naturalised

Lurcher feeding on hybrid bottlebrush

The historical range of the Lurcher (Yoma sabina, Nymphalidae) was always to the North of Townsville but, as I said last year, has recently extended to the city. At that time I had only seen a couple of blow-ins, but I’ve seen more since then and last week we had a group of four or five feeding on our bottlebrush for a couple of days – they really do seem to be naturalised here now.

Some of them were quite battered, presumably from over-indulging in the aggressive behaviour towards each other they demonstrated here.

The Lurchers weren’t the only butterflies enjoying the bottlebrush. In the span of about five minutes I spotted one Common Crow, one Chocolate Soldier and one Varied Eggfly on the flowers with them (links take you to older photos).

Chocolate Argus
Chocolate Soldier aka Chocolate Argus

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